Daniel Sárkány was born in city called Galanta (10th of October 1990).
His music career started as a lead vocalist in metalcore band Drama Queen (2009-2012) They released and EP called The overview.
During this period he started his vocal and piano studies. Daniel visited private vocal and piano lessons for many years . His vocal teacher was Mr. Kocan and his piano teacher Mrs. Hatríková, both famous Slovak musicians. His studies continued also while he moved to new band called Marvels Of Contrast.(2012-2014). With Marvels of Contrast they released EP called Circling the drain. After leaving this band Daniel started his solo career and he soon established his own music school called Your Academy (Vaša Akadémia) where he is coaching and helping young artist and bands.


Drama Queen – The Overview

Marvels Of Contrast – Circling the drain

Solo :

Wish EP
The Healing process EP
Sleep Cycle EP
Piano Days Live Album
The Key Album
Corona – Single